D.M. Lloyd-Jones Quotes

“The man who is trying to be a Christian is trying to hold on to something. The man who is a Christian feels that he is being held by something. It has been put to him, it is there; it may even seem to be in spite of him, but it is there. It is not what he is doing that matters to him; it is what has been done to him, it is what he has become, it is the awareness of this power within him — life”

“The world’s good, moral people are admired so much today; and yet the Apostle’s words describe exactly where they stand. They are as much ‘after the flesh’ and they as much ‘mind the things of the flesh’ as does the man who falls into drunkenness or gives rein to his passions and lusts. It is purely a difference of degree… The only difference between the obvious so-called ‘sinner’ and the highly cultured good moral man is purely a social difference, a superficial one.”

 “The Christian must abstain from sin. It is as simple and direct as that… You have no right to say, ‘I am weak, I cannot, and temptation is very powerful.’ The answer of the New Testament is, Stop doing it”

One response to “D.M. Lloyd-Jones Quotes

  1. The problem with the last quote is that it disregards the outworking of Christ’s love and power in the fallen human’s life. It is by Christ alone that one overcomes temptation and sin. To say that the answer of the New Testament is to “stop doing it” is misleading and incorrect, I’m afraid. A quote like this is potentially damaging to the one who needs Jesus in their trials of sin and temptation. It implies the power of self-will to overcome. When has that ever worked in the throngs of someone truly in a moment of weakness?

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