Christopher Hitchens | RIP (1949-2011)

Waking up this morning was just like any other friday until I checked the news. That is when I read that Christopher Hitchens had died. This saddened me immensely. He was to me and will always be a unique gentleman. His intellectual prose and incisive personality will always be remembered. It seemed that he could speak at length about any topic given; Hitchens personality was as magnetic as they come.

In his memoirs Hitchens showed off his wit, passion, and most of all his independence. Although Hitchens was liberal he would never be confined to that stereotype. His untamed personality would never allow anyone to box him in to anything.

Hitchens was a self-declared atheist from what seemed to be very early on in his life. But even that did not stop him from becoming friends with people who held contrasting ideologies. Even though his hate for religion was purposeful and determined that did not stop him from making statements like this about the King James Version of the Bible,

“An unbeliever argues that our language and culture are incomplete without a 400-year-old book—the King James translation of the Bible. Spurned by the Establishment, it really represents a triumph for rebellion and dissent. Accept no substitutes!”

Hitchens had what seemed to be a sincere friendship with Pastor Doug Wilson an avowed Calvinist. The co-wrote the book ‘Is Christianity Good for the World?’. This is a fantastic book to read that will challenge your opinion on God no matter what side to currently stand.

Was his skepticism the victor? I pray not. Although I disagreed with some of his claims against religion and God I still have prayed that just like the thief on the cross he is in eternity with Jesus right now. I gave my prayers to God, asked they he might be saved in the hope of one day meeting him in paradise.

I will finish with a quote from Danny Burk,

“Nevertheless, we may never have any evidence this side of glory that the light finally broke through to Hitchens. Would we be surprised in heaven to find out that it did?”


Rest in peace Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

4 responses to “Christopher Hitchens | RIP (1949-2011)

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  2. Great response Chris.

    I for one cringe when is see things like #Hitchensinhell being tweeted, such poor lack of understanding Gods heart for the lost.

    He had a great mind – and i thoroughly enjoyed his debates with William Lane Craig. He kept Christians on our toes forcing us to be vocal about the Hope we posses.

    • Thanks for the support bro! Yeah I do not like it when Christians excited when someone dies… unless they are already believers then I say get excited all you want b/c they are in heaven!

      Loved that debate with William lane craig and Hitchens.

      You coming to epidemic life?

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